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What Are Wrinkle Relaxers?

Botox® Cosmetics and Dysport®, both wrinkle relaxers categorized as neuromodulators, are FDA approved for the treatment of dynamic wrinkles. A neuromodulator is a molecule that works to relax a muscle which is contracting. This contracting is what causes fine lines, deep creases, and wrinkles, which gradually becomes permanent over time. 


Neuromodulators are a minimally invasive, non-surgical and safe way to improve the look of your skin, without any downtime and is the most common non-invasive medical treatment for anti-aging. 

How Much Are Wrinkle Relaxer Treatments?

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Botox® Cosmetics 

 (Most patients require starting minimum of 20 units)



(Most patients require starting minimum of 50 units)


Hyperhidrosis Treatment

For sweaty underarms.


Nefertiti Neck Lift

Smooth out neck lines.


Botox® Cosmetics 100 Units, Includes Discount of $150

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Pre + Post Care for Wrinkle Relaxers

Pre-Care (Before Treatment): • Ingestion of alcoholic beverages prior to treatment can increase the chances of bruising and/or swelling.
• No anti-inflammatory drugs (Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, Aleve, Vioxx, etc.), aspirin, Vitamin E, or Ginko Biloba one week prior to treatment. This will reduce the possible side effects of bruising and/or swelling in area(s) of treatment.
• You cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding to receive treatment.
• You cannot be allergic to eggs or egg products to receive treatment. Post-Care (After Treatment): • Do not lie down for 2 to 4 hours following treatment. • Avoid all exercise activities for 24 hours.
• Facial exercises (squint/frown/smile) are strongly recommended in the treated area for one hour after injection.
• Avoid manipulation of treated area for a minimum of four hours.
• By following the above measures you will minimize the occurrence of ptosis (droopy eyelids), bruising, and less than optimal outcomes.
• Common side effects include a slight headache lasting a few hours up to 48 hours, and temporary bruising and/or swelling. Follow Up: • Treatment effect will take full equal effect within 14 days.
• Benefits of treatment may last 3 to 6 months; the average is 4 months.
• Please inform the office if the resolution of the lines has not taken effect in 14 days. • Additional units may be necessary to achieve desired result and may be purchased at next visit.
• Follow up treatments should be scheduled prior to return of full movement of muscle, usually at three months.
• Consistent repeated treatments will produce the best resolution of wrinkles.

Types of Wrinkle Relaxers

As far as wrinkle treatments go, there is no denying that Botox is a household name. However, there are alternatives to Botox that are available. Dysport is one of them. What are the differences? See respective links for more details. • Click on Botox® to learn more. • Click on Dysport® to learn more. In the battle of Dysport vs Botox, there is no clear winner. The choice of which product to use depends on many factors including the individual response of the patient, the familiarity of the injector with the nuances of the product being used, and the areas being treated. A skilled injector can get excellent results with either product, and the only way to assess individual response is to try each one and compare for yourself.

FAQ - Wrinkle Relaxers

What are Wrinkle Relaxers? Wrinkle Relaxers, also known as neuromodulators, are wrinkle-relaxing injections of botulinum toxin – commercially known as Botox Cosmetic or Dysport – that are used to treat wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet. A minute amount of the neuromodulator is injected directly into the underlying muscle, causing it to relax and gradually smooth out the appearance of the overlying skin. The effects typically last about three months. What does Wrinkle Relaxers work? ​Neuromodulator injections prevent muscle movement by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injected muscle can no longer contract, which causes the wrinkles to relax and soften.

Neuromodulator treats forehead lines, crow's feet (lines around the eye), and frown lines. Botox has also been recommended as a treatment for migraines, dystonia (muscle twitches), and even hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Who is not a candidate for Wrinkle Relaxers? • Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding. • History of neurological disease. • Presence of an infection and in individuals with known hypersensitivity to any ingredient in the formulation. • History of neurological disorders such as ALS, Myasthenia Gravis or Lambert-Eaton syndrome may be at increased risk of serious side effects. Do the injections hurt? Generally the injections are not painful. The needle used is a very fine 30 gauge needle—similar to those used for insulin injections for diabetics. Will I see the effects immediately? Neuromodulators can begin to take effect anywhere from three days to a week after treatment. Full equal effect can take up to 14 days. This varies widely from patient to patient. Will neuromodulators get rid of all my lines? Neuromodulators are generally used for fine lines around the forehead and eyes and are not used in areas like the cheeks. They affect the dynamic lines or the wrinkles that happen when you make a facial expression and not the static lines that appear when your face is at rest. Static wrinkles are the result of sun exposure and aging, and generally you need a filler to fill in these lines. Neuromodulators will not work on folds, such as the nasolabial folds between the corner of your nose and your mouth. If I stop the injections, will my wrinkles get worse? There is no evidence to suggest that when you stop using a neuromodulator, the lines will get worse. When you stop treatment, the normal aging process resumes. Neuromodulators are not addictive and you can’t become immune to them, though some people can develop antibodies to the protein that can prevent neuromodulators from working. How often do I have do to it? For most people, the effects from a treatment last from three to four months. For some people, the longer you have the treatments done (i.e.: the more treatments you have had), the longer the effects can last. Are neuromodulators dangerous? There have been many studies that have concluded that cosmetic use of neuromodulators is very safe. Still, there are some people, such as people with neuromuscular or certain skin disorders or pregnant women who should not use neuromodulators. This should be discussed with your physician. Will my face appear frozen or expressionless? How frozen one looks is related to the amount of neuromodulator used, the placement, and the skill of your injector. You can still have movement if you want—however some people prefer no movement at all. When should I start using neuromodulators? Most people are turning to neuromodulators as a preventative treatment because it is much easier to prevent a line than it is to treat it. Is this treatment just for women? Neuromodulators are for men and women, and the number of men receiving treatments has steadily risen over the last five years. Why is there such price variability with neuromodulators? Please see our price list. Also ask about Aspire, a reward program to help you save! Will there be any bruising? As with any procedure that involves a needle, bruising can happen. Generally, these are very small bruises that disappear quickly.




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