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Get Energy & Beauty Boosting Vitamins at Beautify Agency

Choose your vitamin and easily book online or by phone.

One quick poke with no downtime post treatment.

Recharge within 24 hours.

What Is a Vitamin Boost?

Our diet should provide adequate levels of basic nutrients however due to chronic stress, environmental pollutants, nutrient depleted soil and genetic modification, nutrient status if often not even close to optimal.

Vitamin Boost, also know as vitamin therapy, is the only delivery method that provides 100% vitamin bioavailability to your body while bypassing the GI Tract for instant benefits. Bioavailability is the degree and rate at which vitamins are absorbed by the body's circulatory system and able to have an active effect.

How Does It Work?

Vitamin booster shots are a quick and effective way to instantly boost your energy, focus, immune system and more! When vitamins are administered intramuscularly (IM), via the deltoid or gluteus muscle, it bypasses GI metabolism and provides increased bioavailability.

With a concentrated dose, you receive up to one week’s worth of vitamins in one booster shot. Intramuscular injections are also absorbed faster because muscle tissue has a greater blood supply than the tissue just under the skin and it can also hold a larger volume. 

What is the Cost of a Vitamin Booster?

Transparent pricing. Fast, easy booking. Find out if you're a candidate and explore options with a free consultation.

No obligation to buy. No credit card required.

PRICE - VitaminBoost


Kick your coffee to the curb. Quick-lasting energy boost without the caffeine jitters.



Antioxidant, reduce inflammation, support nervous system and brighten skin. 


Be Refreshed

B12 and B-Complex for increased energy, mental focus and overall health.


Beauty Boost

Glow and shine with this powerful blend that nourishes hair, skin and nails.


FAQ - VitaminBoost
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